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What are SEO platforms and how can they assist you in getting found on search engines?

Improving SEO with Content Marketing and Analysis

Google has made it clear that content quality is a major factor in SEO with its updates and features like BERT and RankBrain (Hummingbird). This means that marketers need to focus on creating relevant and fresh content to rank well. Luckily, enterprise SEO platforms have improved their content optimization and marketing tools to help marketers achieve this goal.

Content Optimization and Marketing Tools

Enterprise SEO platforms offer a variety of features to help marketers with content optimization and marketing, including:

  • Page management

  • Content performance reports

  • Influencer campaigns

  • Real-time content suggestions

In addition to these features, some platforms also analyze content and compare it with competitors to identify gaps and suggest improvements. This can help marketers create better and more in-depth content on relevant topics. A new trend among vendors is to automatically recommend topics for content creation, saving marketers time and effort. Some even help with developing content that matches target keywords.

International Search Tracking

With more U.S.-based businesses operating online and offline in different countries and languages, it's important to have international search coverage. Most enterprise SEO platforms provide features like international keyword research, global market and search volume data, and global CPC currency data to help businesses optimize their websites for different regions, languages, and alphabets.

Mobile/Local Analytics

As Google aims to make mobile and local searches better for users, it favors sites that work well on mobile devices. Marketers need more and better data and analytics to help them make their sites mobile-friendly and rank higher. Many vendors offer features that allow marketers to check their sites for mobile issues, rankings, and metrics by device (like desktop, tablet, or phone) and by location.

Technical SEO Crawling

Mobile traffic is very important, so marketers need tools to find and fix problems that may make their pages load slowly or look bad on mobile devices. This includes showing how their pages rank for Core Web Vitals. Also, schema markup is needed if a page wants to show up in one of the special displays like featured snippets. Many tools can spot schema mistakes and help fix them.

Cross-Device Attribution

Marketers know that SEO is not the only way to promote their brands and that paid media can also affect search traffic. Some vendors are creating features to help marketers figure out what marketing activity is bringing visitors or sales to their sites. However, the declining use of third-party cookies is making this more difficult.

The Benefits of Using SEO Platforms

Managing enterprise-level SEO has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming with hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even millions of pages, sites, social conversations, images, and keywords to manage and optimize.

Using an SEO platform can increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the time and errors involved in managing organic search campaigns. More specifically, managing SEO through an enterprise toolset can provide the following benefits:

Many Tools, One Interface

SEO platforms perform many tasks in one system. A comprehensive dashboard can help your organization monitor SERP rankings and trends, how you measure up to competitors, and your share of voice. The integration and prioritization of tasks, reporting, and user permissions can offer substantial benefits to enterprise-level SEO operations.

Intent Insights

Enterprise-level SEO tool vendors are developing machine learning models that analyze user behavior and site content to help marketers answer searchers' questions. This is important because search engines are placing increased focus on user intent.

More Efficient Management of Global Operations

Enterprise SEO tools have built-in diagnostics that can be invaluable on a global scale to identify site-wide issues across languages, countries, or regions. These tools uncover macro and micro issues with pages, templates, and infrastructure.

Keeping Pace with the Search Engines

SEO software vendors have dedicated teams and engineers to follow frequent search engine algorithm changes and their impact on the SEO reporting required by enterprises.

Automated Reporting to Provide Data in Near Real-Time

Most enterprise SEO platforms offer highly customized reporting capabilities that are widget- and wizard-driven to make reporting faster and easier. Many also allow for the export of data to business intelligence tools or other analytics software.


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